Voere K15A Rimfire Bolt Action Rifle

Austrian arms manufacturer Voere has introduced a new rimfire bolt action rifle called K15A. The rifle is quite compact to the level that some of the parts such as the trigger guard and the bolt handle (that barely can be made smaller) look oversized. Let’s see what features this rifle has.

The Voere K15A rifle is chambered in .22LR and feeds from 5-round detachable box magazines made of polymer. The magazine release lever is located in front of the magazine. The stock of this rifle is made of glass reinforced polymer. All action parts are CNC machined out of steel. This is a cock-on-open rifle with a 60-degree bolt throw. There is also an 11-mm scope rail on top of the receiver.

The K15A rifle has a Freeland rail in the bottom portion of the forearm as well as a QD sling swivel socket near the recoil pad. The stock also has a built-in mechanism allowing quick adjustments of the length of pull. The cheek rest height is also adjustable. The rifle has a manual safety that just like in the case of other Voere rifles has its own cutout in the stock, behind the bolt handle cutout.

This Voere rifle comes with a 500mm (about 20″) carbon fiber wrapped barrel with a muzzle thread pitch of 1/2-20. The overall length of the rifle is one meter (39.4″) and it weighs 1.5 kilograms (3 lbs 5 oz).

You can see most of the above-described features and the way different parts and mechanisms of the rifle work in the video embedded below.

It is also possible to order the rifle with a Freeland to UIT rail adapter, biathlon sling as well as an integrally suppressed barrel. The rifle is available only in FDE stock color.

The MSRP of the basic version of this rifle is €599 which is roughly equal to $700. To my knowledge, the company does not have a US distributor yet.

Link: https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/06/28/voere-k15a-rimfire-bolt-action-rifle/

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