[NRA 2018] Beretta Welcomes Centurion(s) to APX Family

Beretta expanded the APX line with the addition of the APX Centurion at NRA 2018. Built to be a comfortable medium between the full and compact versions in the APX family, the Centurion is more concealable than the larger version, but with the functionality of the compact.

Key Features of the APX Centurion:
Trigger pull is set at 6 lbs with a clear tactile and audible short reset and is complimented by the flat face trigger and trigger guard. The oversized reversible magazine release button and interchangeable backstraps in 3 different sizes make the Centurion a much more versatile option, specifically for law enforcement and military (but we civilians will enjoy it as well).
The automatic striker block safety on the slide prevents the striker from moving forward unless the trigger is pulled completely. Another safety feature is the Striker Deactivation Button on the frame which allows the user to field strip the firearm without pulling the trigger first. Speaking of disassembly, the oversized latch on the side of the pistol makes for quick work of the field stripping process.

The frame is removable from the chassis, allowing the end user to stipple or otherwise aesthetically modify it without damaging the chassis if a mistake is made during modification. Additionally, the frame and magazines are interchangeable with the full sized APX version.
The Centurion will begin shipping late May 2018 in either 9mm (15+1 magazines) or 40S&W (13+1 magazines. Representatives at Beretta disclosed that modification kits to swap parts between APX Compact to Centurion and vice versa would be coming to market late 2018, but no MSRP is available at this time.
Additional magazines, sights, grip frames (with or without finger grooves), and other enhancement parts are available on Beretta’s website.

Link: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/05/09/beretta-apx-centurion/

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