New Steyr AUGs for Austrian Military Police

The Austrian Army’s Military Police are to be issued a new version of the Bundesheer’s standard issue rifle, the StG 77. The new StG 77A1 MP will be issued to the Bundesheer’s military patrol and military police (Militärstreife) units. The official handover of the first 50 rifles took place on the 5th April.
A post on the Bundesheer’s Facebook page shared some photographs and announced (machine translated):
New rifles for the military police: the soldiers of the military patrol and military police were allowed to rejoice today with 600 new [rifles]. Defense Minister Mario kunasek handed over the weapons specially adapted to the needs of this special association at the Maria Theresien Barracks. The rifles include a rail for the assembly of accessories, new flash dampers, Tactical Laser Light Modules and a so-called redpoint visor.

The StG 77A1 MP updates the base Steyr AUG with a new Picatinny rail for accessories, a new flash hider from Ase-Utra and Rheinmetall Vario Ray laser/ light modules (mounted on the right side) and an Aimpoint Micro T1 Red Dot Sight and magnifier. The rifles are new production, not upgrades of existing rifles. 600 of the new StG 77A1 MPs have been procured.

Austria’s recently appointed Defence Minister Mario Kunasek presided over the official handover of the new rifles at the Bundesheer’s Maria Theresa Barracks in Hietzing, near Vienna. Making a speech praising and personally handed over the first three rifles to personnel. The remaining 550 StG 77A1 MP’s will be handed over to the Militärstreife by May.


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