Merkel “Helix Suppressor” Rifle and Merkel Suppressors

Merkel has introduced a new version of their Helix rifle which is optimized for use with a suppressor. The rifle is called Helix Suppressor. Merkel has also collaborated with the Brugger & Thomet to make an over the barrel suppressor (a.k.a. reflex suppressor) for this rifle.

Hunting rifles are supposed to be lightweight and handy. That’s why instead of just adding a suppressor to a standard Helix rifle, Merkel made a dedicated shortened barrel of 450mm length (17.7″) and equipped it with a reflex suppressor.

Despite being 225mm long, the suppressor only adds 140mm (5.5″) to the overall length of the rifle thanks to the telescoping design. Helix Suppressor rifles are also only 390 grams (about 14 oz) heavier than standard Helix rifles of same caliber. The combination of a reflex suppressor and shorter barrel makes the overall length of the Helix Suppressor rifle almost identical to a standard Helix rifle.

Besides the complete Helix Suppressor rifles, Merkel also offers the suppressed barrels and the suppressors separately. The suppressors are made for three caliber groups: 5.5-6.5mm, 7-8.2mm and 8.5-9.3mm. Outside diameter of the suppressors made for the first two caliber groups is 45mm (1.77″) and they weigh 390 grams (14 oz). The largest caliber group suppressor has a 50mm (about 2″) diameter and weighs 450 grams (16 oz).
The Merkel suppressor is made of aluminum. Depending on the caliber it reduces the sound by 20-29dB. The Helix Suppressor rifles and Merkel suppressors come with a 15×1 metric thread pitch.
You can find below other features and specifications of this rifle quoted from the company’s website:
SYSTEM: Straight-pull bolt-action rifle with a 1:2 transmission / closed system housing / real take-down / Barrel change option / Manual cocking lever / 6 locking slugs turning head lock / 3-round magazine (+1)
CALIBRES: Standard calibre: 6,5x55SE / 7×64 / .308 Win. / .30-06 Spring. / 8x57IS / 9,3×62
TRIGGER: Direct trigger adjustable from approx. 900 to 1.900 gramms / Optional: TAR-GT trigger smoothly adjustable from approx. 500 to 1500 gramms / gold plated trigger
WEIGHT: approx. 2,9 kg (at 45cm barrel length)
LENGTH: Overall length 96 cm (at 45 cm barrel length / without suppressor)
BARREL: Semi-weight barrel (Ø 19 mm) / Muzzle thread M15x1 with cap / Barrels without sights
STOCK: Synthetic stock / straight comb / Rubber butt plate
Optional: adapter for bipod / Alpinist-stock
Synthetic-colours: anthracite / black (soft-touch coating) / green (soft-touch coating)
ENGRAVINGS: none / black system casing
MOUNTS: integrated Picatinny profile as mounting basis
Optional: Mounting basis Weaver rail / Kilic mounts
OPTIONS: 5-round magazine (+1) / Muzzle break / Merkel Suppressor / Stock key / Harris bipod

The Merkel Helix Suppressor rifles and Merkel suppressors will be showcased at the IWA 2018 arms exhibition held in Nuremberg, Germany.


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