London Best “Kumaon” Engraved Bespoke Rifle by John RIGBY & Co.

John Rigby & Co., one of the famous British manufacturers of high-end hunting rifles, has published on their social media pages a set of images of their latest engraved bespoke rifle. The rifle’s model is London Best “Kumaon”. It is based on Mauser action and is chambered in .350 Rigby Magnum.

Kumaon is a region in India where many of such rifles were taken for hunting. The engravings on this rifle depict the indigenous animals of Kumaon region. The theme was the customer’s idea which was engraved into the steel by Geoffrey Lignon, a master engraver working in John Rigby & Co.

The stocks of the London Best rifles are made of highest quality Turkish walnut. The engraving patterns and figures are harmonically combined with the colorful background of color case hardening.
Enjoy the closeup images of the most beautiful engravings of this rifle.

These kinds of rifles normally come with a beautiful case and all the necessary accessories.

As in the case of other bespoke firearm makers, virtually everything can be custom ordered to make your order a one of a kind rifle with no other similar one in the world. The starting price of Rigby London Best rifles is £21,950 (roughly $29,400).


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