Iron Armi Ares MITO 410 Semi-Auto Shotgun

Iron Armi is an Italian arms manufacturer specialized in making shotguns. One of their latest products is a semi-automatic magazine fed 410 bore shotgun called Ares MITO 410. This shotgun is made in two configurations for shooting birdshot and slugs.

The standard model of MITO 410 shotgun has a ventilated rib and a bead front sight. It comes with interchangeable chokes and has a longer barrel. The slug version has a slightly different finish and appearance, shorter cylinder bore barrel (with no chokes), rifle style front and rear iron sights and a scope rail built into the receiver.

Unlike other Iron Armi shotguns which are tube magazine fed, Ares MITO 410 is fed from two-round detachable box magazines. These shotguns are gas operated with the gas piston and recoil spring located under the handguard. The receivers of MITO 410 shotguns are made of aluminum and have a hard coat anodized finish. The top of the receiver has a matte finish whereas the sides are polished. These shotguns also feature oiled walnut furniture.

Here is also a video from the company’s Facebook page showing some of the manufacturing processes and use of the MITO 410 in the field.
The slug version of this shotgun is advertised by the company as a boar hunting gun. The standard version may seem to be an inferior gun for feathered game hunting, however, the use of modern ammunition such as the Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS may turn 410 shotguns into quite a potent hunting rig. Here is a turkey hunting video published by Plinkster Outdoors YouTube channel, where the famous YouTuber uses a single shot 410 shotgun with the mentioned ammunition in a turkey hunt.


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