BOTW: Ruger MK II Stainless Steel Host Pistol

Our first installment of the new Build of the Week feature was submitted by Steve. One of my guilty pleasure pistols is my Ruger Mark I with a bull barrel. It is not suppressed like this one though.
So far we have had a pretty good response. So much that if we keep to one per week we are several months out now. If submissions continue to come in, we may switch to pushing two per week (let us know what you think in the comments).
You can submit your own build at
Build Details
Elite Iron integral suppressor – ported barrel, welded suppressor body, welding seams ground flush to the receiver, suppressor includes a toolkit for disassembly cleaning, bead blasted finish. (To my knowledge, no other integral manufacturer actually welds the suppressor itself to the host successfully – most end up with a seam that can be hidden, but it is always there)
Volquartsen trigger group
Volquartsen rear sight
Tactical Solutions front sight blade
Crimson Trace laser grips (old style w/o wrap-around button)
Battlecloth Holster w/ storage for an extra magazine and copy of tax stamp
Groups just as well or better than the factory MKII target pistol with CCI Mini-Mag ammunition. Cycles with Gemtech suppressor .22LR subsonic, but due to the barrel porting, supersonic ammunition is usually better!


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