American Tactical’s New Road Agent

American Tactical recenty introduced a new side by side shotgun called the Road Agent. Part of the company’s Cavalry line of scatterguns, this shotgun is a coach style firearm with external hammers.

American Tactical Road Agent

The shotgun is designed to cock both of the external hammers when the gun breaks open for loading. At the same time, the decocking lever is automatically set to “safe.” After closing the gun, simply take the gun off safe to fire. Should you want to decock the hammers, simply use the decocking lever to drop both hammers safely without pulling the triggers.

American Tactical uses carbon steel 18.5″ barrels on this gun. This is a 12 gauge shotgun and can chamber both 2.75″ and 3″ shells.

American Tactical Road Agent

Unloaded, the gun weighs 5.3 pounds and is 35.4″ in overall length. It does use a double trigger system. The length of pull from the front trigger is 15.5″ and 14.75″ from the rearmost one. For this gun, American Tactical uses a hand finished Turkish walnut stock.

American Tactical Road Agent

Double barrel shotguns have always been used by people for home defense. However, in recent decades other weapons like the pump action shotgun, semi-automatic pistol and the AR style rifle have become more popular for this role. However, there have been a number of double barrel guns that have popped up in recent months like the Pedersoli Howdah pistol – a modern take on the old Ithica Auto & Burglar.



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